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Audience Questions | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #96 - DANKFORU

Audience Questions | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #96

Knowledge bomb: Dr. G answers some audience questions.

– Improving indoor air quality other than air purifiers and plants.

– Pros and cons of activated charcoal.

– Repairing gut after antibiotics.

– Finding a good multivitamin.

– Boxed water vs. plastic bottles.

– Acne solutions outside of diet.

– How to detox the brain.

– Are mammograms safe?

– Parasites and the immune system.

– Improving circulation.

– Is tofu healthy?

– Can eating foods consistently trigger allergy or intolerance?

– Getting nutrients when transitioning to plant based.

– Nighttime urination.

– Does cast iron leach iron?

– Finding a Naturopathic Dr.

– Lab tests to do annually that are not included in conventional check ups.

– All time favorite book.

– Morning routine.

– Defining self worth.

– How many hours a night of sleep is optimal?

– Spiritual beliefs and growth.

– Water to drink when traveling.

– Are tattoos harmful?

– GERD and reflux remedies.

– Getting over mental blocks.

– Healing trauma.

– Healing psoriasis.

– Are microwaves dangerous?

– Thoughts on blood type diet?

– Best quality magnesium?

– CV experience last year.

– Somatization of stress in the gut.

– Hair shedding.

– Opinion on bone broth.

– Vitiligo.

– 3 favorite herbs overall and 3 favorite for immunity.

– Can cancer be stopped with diet alone?

– Baby formulas.

– Eczema support.

– Improving self confidence.

– Can’t lose weight on various diets.

– Remineralizing teeth.

– Thoughts on sunflower oil?

– Thoughts on Reiki?

– Foods that prevent cancer.

– Detoxing excess estrogen?

– MCT oil opinion?

– Creatine.

– Fixing low energy?

– Leaving 9-5 to follow passion.

– Is over supplementing a thing.

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Hosted by Doctor Christian Gonzalez N.D.
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